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If you are on this page, we are glad that you found interest in writing for us. We welcome you with open arms to share your stories with us on our website. Veteranpeople.com is a platform that gives your ideas, opinions, and life journey with a voice so that the whole community can be a part of your life experiences. We don’t know that how something that we share can have an impact on other people, and with good intentions and a positive mindset, we welcome you to our platform to write what your heart wants to say so that we can share with the right audience.

While we value every word that you say, we want you to please consider the following guidelines before you submit a piece with us.

  • We are here to spread positivity, love, and respect. With this mindset, we advise you to please not submit anything that is written with demeaning, disgraceful, or bad intentions. Our website will not post any content that demeans an identity, cooperation, public body, or anything that is against the law and the national integrity of anyone who joins our platform.

  • When we are sharing our life experience, sometimes in emotions, we can write some words that we did not mean to and might sound odd to the reader. Please ensure that you are not making use of offensive words. We will not feature anything on our website that has an offensive, vulgar, or abusive language.

  • Good and bad experiences are part and parcel of life. With this in view, we request you to please share true stories and not spread lies, do not spread hate for anyone. Keep the names of the persons involved other than you to be anonymous. We want to protect the right of all and for that, it is important that stories do not reveal the identity of the people behind their backs. They should either know or give consent that you can make use of their name, pictures, or anything related to them that you want to share with us on our website.

  • Lastly, as it is your piece, we request you to ensure that it is nicely written and presented. Nobody will like to read a story that is difficult to comprehend. Please proofread it before sending it. Make sure that the title is well written, proper paragraphing is done, there are no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes, and the idea and thought come out clear to the reader so there is no confusion.
With the best interest at heart for all of us who join veteranpeoplemeet.com, we wish you all the best and hope to play a positive role in your life.
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