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United States Army Personnels

Army of the United States is the oldest and senior most branch of the country. It has its roots back in an era when a Continental Army was prepared to fight the American Revolutionary War in the year 1775. After the war, United States Army on 3 June 1784 got created replacing the Continental Army.

With a battalion of more than a million soldiers in the army, it is one of the massive, powerful and fully active branch of the United States, taking care of the land warfare.

The army stands strong on its mission, which according to the Section 3062 of Title 10, U.S. Code defines the purpose of the army as:

  • Preserving the peace and security of the country and stand in defense of the United States, the Commonwealths and possessions and any areas occupied by the United States.
  • To conform and support the national policies.
  • Implementing effectively the national objectives.
  • Overcoming any nations for being responsible for aggressive acts that imperil and disturbs the peace and security of the United States in any way.

The life of the U.S. Army officer is not easy. A ton of stories gets featured where the officials are seen sacrificing their lives to save the civilians from hardships. Their duty demands from them to be active 24/7, standing strong even when their bodies are giving up. They make us proud! When a woman soldier comes forward to become an inspiration for the young candidates, when men who are on the front line holding hands together to protect the country, that is what makes our country so great.

To understand a veteran, who served in the United States Army, we first need to understand the tough training they go through. The times where they are putting their lives on the line is scary for all. These soldiers come out of a lot of mental trauma when they see their fellow soldiers dying in a battle.

While we are having a sound sleep, they are spending sleepless nights on the ground to protect us. It is because of these soldiers and brave men that fight for the peace of our country that we civilians enjoy in luxury. comes with an objective to make an effort for the veterans to present a platform and give voice to their stories. The platform encourages the veterans to give words to their life experiences and share it amongst their friends that they make through our medium.

Veteranpeoplemeet is an effort that makes way for new friendships to support and kill the loneliness in one’s life. We urge the veterans to come and join us so that the world can know the feelings and pain that one is hiding inside because each story is worthy of being expressed. Let the world be inspired!