Veteran People Meet
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About Veteran People Meet

Veteran People Meet was created by a Retired OIF/OEF Combat Veteran, who realized the struggles many veterans face after leaving the military. After he left the military, he realized that society struggles to understand why veterans are failing to transition to the civilian world. The military created an environment based on comradery and civilian society struggles to maintain a similar environment. This leaves many veterans feeling alone and isolated which contributes to the high number of suicides by veterans.

Many veterans have expressed that one of their biggest challenges is dealing with loneliness. They have expressed that the military provided the family that many of them never had and that civilian society fails to support. Veterans have expressed that they feel more secure with their efforts of transitioning and maintaining a positive civilian life when they have friends and support.

The goal of this site is to keep veterans connected so they may have the opportunity to have support from like minded individuals. This site allows veterans to create profiles so they may be contacted by other veterans as well as have the ability to search for veterans nearby to build relationships with. Many veterans have chosen to end their life but it is our hope that this site help reduce those numbers by giving veterans the ability to live a less isolated and more productive life.