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How To Say That First Hello?

7 months ago

Starting a conversation is never easy and it is that first step where a person will either stay to talk more or make an excuse to run away. For someone who is shy and is new to making friends online, starting a conversation will be the hardest part of all. Once you start talking, the road will be easy. But, how to say that first hello?

It should not be hard to type and send a hello but hold up, there can be a chance that the other person might now respond to you. To get noticed and set a good impression, be polite but don’t create a script and send that to a person. There is no need to get to formal. To help you out, here are some tip that can help to break the ice:

  1. Keep it simple!

    No pickup lines when introducing yourself. Please keep it simple when you first start a conversation. Pickup lines give an impression as if you are trying to be flirty or too desperate for attention. To be descent and allow the other person to be able to build that little trust to answer you back, always start a conversation by greeting them with a good morning or good evening message. The simpler you stay, the better it will project an image about you.

  2. Look For Common Interests

    Ask questions that can work great as a conversation starter. Asking about hobbies, sports, or even expressing your ideas can make the other person respond and like this, there can be a new opening for a great conversation. It often happens that the first time that people start talking with complete strangers, it becomes hour-long conversations. It depends on the way you two click and for that, you need some common ground. So look for common interests and share your views.

  3. Don’t Make It An Interrogation

    Of course, please don’t ask too many questions on the first day that you start talking with the person. Don’t make it an interrogation session where the other person will want to run away from it. Also, you would want to save something for another time, right? Asking too many questions on day one of your conversation is a big no and if you are looking to stay longer with the person, get back a little and wait for the other person to ask you questions as well. Don’t be too curious, have patience, and see what turns your conversation takes. Be polite and listen to another person rather than asking questions one after the other.

  4. Compliments Are Always Welcomed

    Who doesn’t like to be complimented? Man or woman, we all love to be praised. If you like something about the person you are talking to, be sure that you compliment them. It assures the other person that you are listening to what they said. There can be a lot of good qualities in a person that you just started talking with and if you leave a compliment, it can make the other person feel good. Something that starts with positivity, travels far!

  5. Pay Attention When In Conversation

    Do not open too many chats with more than one person at a time. If you are looking for relationships to last long, be it be friends or a partner, paying attention when in conversation is the most important aspect. The one thing about online chatting is you can open windows for more than one person at a time. This can turn out to be a complete disaster. So please talk to one person at a time and no more. Who knows, that this person may be the one who makes you feel a little less lonely in the world and helps you open up.

In life, we are all helping each other survive. Some people have direct contributions to our lives, helping us to acknowledge our feelings. We all have our stories of struggle and sometimes we need someone to listen to us. So don’t hold yourself back! Go and speak to a complete stranger. What is there to lose? Get online and speak your heart out with someone you don’t know. Let there be no fear and let there be no remorse. Maybe your story can inspire the other person to make decisions that they have been refraining from for a long time.

Saying that first hello is where the key lies and if you can make an effort to hit that enter button, a lot of new opening and opportunities can come your way.

Be yourself and stay the way you are! Don’t try to project an image that contradicts with your personality. The people who deserve you will find you and stay in your loop. Don’t lose yourself no matter what!