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Hearty Suggestions on How to Date a Man in the Uniform

7 months ago

Men in the uniform are like no other! That charisma, that poise, and that heartwarming looks that makes them overly attractive, doesn’t it? But, dating someone who is the military is never easy. Yes, the truth we speak bluntly. You have to be ready for the unexpected, and commitment is all that matters to them.

Warm-up and get ready for a roller coaster ride. This ride is going to be the best one of your life, and if luck is on your side, you will cherish a lifelong togetherness where the love will blossom each day, making you two grow fond of each other with every passing day.

A relationship is all about forming that understanding bond which is free from prejudices and judgments. Here are some hearty suggestions on how to date a man in the uniform, so you are well prepared for what to expect and the psychology behind.

But before we start, clear your mind of all the bias, and read below with open, free, and positive thoughts, so that you do not miss out on the opportunity that you might have for a person because of which you are reading this article. If you like this person, and you are looking for a silver lining, take a breath of fresh air and scroll down as you read.

  • Nature of Military Job

The first thing to understand while dating a military man is the nature of his job. Be considerate of his duties and do not complain. Often women feel frustrated after a month or so of dating because their man is not available for them when they need. They feel a little intimidated and let down.

Of course, we like that nurturing, pampering, and a feeling of excitement that comes when we meet someone new, but take it easy! Don’t make judgments quickly if your man is away due to his job. Don’t think that you are not important to him because of course, you are! But he is bound by the nature of his job.

On the flip side, every time you will meet, it will be like a new experience. Butterflies will kick in at the site of looking at him. The wait offer bears sweet fruit, and each meeting will be sweeter than the before.

  • Sudden Hellos & Byes

Be ready for the surprises and sudden byes at the same time. Dating man in the uniform is not everybody’s cup of tea. You will have to be patient and understanding. As much as happiness you will get for each hello that he will do at your doorstep, as much can be the pain and sorrow when he leaves for his service each time.

It is exciting because it keeps love alive. That spark never fades away, and you will be attracted to him more and more. This is the best that can happen in a romantic relationship! The want for getting more and more of a person never dies, and that is the key to a long-lasting relationship.

  • Duty Comes First!

If you are the type of person who complains about not spending time or is too demanding for little things, the military man is not for you. Do understand that for a man in the military, his duty always will come first for him. This in no way means that you are second or unimportant.

Don’t be too clingy! Military men already have a lot to take care of and the least they want is a woman who does not understand their emotions and the nature of their job. They need a strong woman to hold their hands and never let go of them.

If you can offer such dedication, you are opening doors for a life full of love, endurance, and togetherness that is everlasting.

  • Possibility of Post-traumatic Stress

Many veterans find it extremely difficult after their service to get back to civilian life. They cannot handle pretty easily, and often that is because of the hard stressful nature of their work.

Many veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorders, and it can be cured if they are treated and accepted well. Many times, they feel isolated in society, and that causes a feeling of detachment, making it difficult for them to open up.

A woman, who is understanding and is willing to calm down the anxieties in her man, such veterans turn out to exceptionally good husbands as they dedicate their life to you.

  • A Disciplined Lifestyle

Be ready to follow a disciplined lifestyle. They are punctual, neat, and tidy. For them, everything has got to be proper. So don’t complain if they ask you to keep your dressing table tidy, not leave dishes in the sink at night, or the carpet is not clean enough.

They have an eye to look for faults, and that is because of the nature of their work. They want to perfect it, no matter how small the thing might be. Accept them the way they are, and you will never have any complaints.

Look on the brighter side! Also, it will train you to be disciplined as well. A well-organized life offers opportunities and ease. If you make a habit of keeping things in their place, you will never have to find them again or waste time looking for it when you lose them.

Military men find it extremely hard to express their feeling

Now, this is the hard one! Often women are left confused about the person’s feelings. He likes me or not, is there a spark, he is too bland, he does not express much, I think he is not the one, etc. the questions go on and on.

Step back! Wait for a little and give him some time to open up. Veterans are not habitual to dating, and often they find it extremely difficult when it comes to sharing their hearts.

Give them a chance to open up and be patient all this time. He wouldn’t want a date again and again if he wasn’t interested right?

Think of it this way! If you like this man that you are going out with but are unsure of his feelings, do not panic. Look for small signs like a message for asking to meet at a coffee shop, a good night message, or a missed call that he cuts abruptly.

Don’t panic, if you call back and he doesn’t pick up. Don’t jump to conclusions that he may have dialed by mistake, and is not interested in talking with you. Maybe, he is struggling really hard to talk with you and just don’t know how to open up.

Make him feel comfortable and not give him the attitude that usually women gives if the person doesn’t call, or reply. Be receptive, and you will see things will fall in its place. Very soon he will confess his love for you, and a new chapter will begin in your life.

Commitment, Honesty & Devotion is all that matters to them!

A veteran will depute his life to you if you can do the same for him. Remember that military men are trained to be loyal, faithful, and stay on their words. When you fall in love with a veteran, they will observe your commitment and honesty in a relationship.

It can take your partner some time to believe you because he might have suspecting nature, another drawback for working in military service. It can be a little problem initially, but when everything is settled, and you both build that trust, nothing can come in between you two. No doubt, no jealousy, no misunderstanding can break your relationship.

So if you truly love this man for who you are reading these suggestions, ask yourself if you are ready for a commitment, if you can be honest and devote yourself to this man. If the answer is yes, then you are heading towards a life, which will have unexpected twists and turns but will be full of excitement and joy that no other romantic relationship can offer.