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A Call For Veterans! Are You Shy To Get Online?

7 months ago

Online can be a scary place to make friends and start talking. For veterans, who first learn to doubt and then trust, stepping online can be a place full of suspicion for them. But, you need to let loose a little and see the other side of life. Not everything that comes in life needs to be double-checked. You need to relax a little when it comes to stepping out of your veteran life. So many opportunities are waiting for you where new friendships will fill your life with excitement and fill that void.

There is no doubt about the fact that veterans do find it difficult to adjust to the norms of society. Their mind is not trained that way and their over-observant nature, duty calls, wanting discipline in every little thing, can sometimes be too much for their partners to take. As they don’t find someone who can understand them better, they often feel left out.

People who are reading this will agree that there is no greater pain than feeling lonely. Man is a social animal and we cannot survive in emptiness. We need love and care from our family and friends. In their absence, we will feel as if life has no meaning and purpose to it. Often when veterans return after serving their period, they cannot easily gel with the “normal” life routine.

We civilians are too careless, to be honest, and don’t really think the underline meaning of someone’s actions. We will not doubt someone’s intentions that quickly as a veteran would. There is nothing wrong with it as prevention is always better than cure. Personally speaking, veterans don’t get enough time to feel welcomed in society. It is almost as if it is expected from them to immediately fit and be like a civilian. It is not easy to get out of a lifestyle that you are previously living, to adjust to something that feels new.

Stepping online can be a great way for veterans to stop holding back and make that initial step for adjusting to society. It is going to take you some time to open up and you should take as much time as you need. There is no hurry and absolutely you are the controller of your life. Getting online and find friends is not something that should be a matter of great concern. Sure, we all have insecurities and finding friends online may not seem to be the best way of doing it, but maybe here is where you need to change your thinking. There are thousands of examples where people connected with someone online and couldn’t be more grateful for making that simple decision.

What is holding you back? Are you too shy to step online?

There is always a reason for every action that we do in life. For those who say that they don’t like something just because they don’t, is never really an answer. Something is always at the back of the mind, which is restricting one to do so. What is holding you back? Is it just the idea that online won’t work or you are too shy to talk with people who are sitting at the back of the screen?

Either way, what is there to lose? Don’t bind yourself in the invisible chains of your mind. You need a breath of fresh air and you deserve all the happiness in the world. You deserve a friend, who is waiting to listen to your stories of happiness and sorrow that you have gone through in life. You may never know how beautiful a connection can turn out to be where two strangers sharing stories, can end up inspiring each other in ways beyond imagination.

A ray of hope is enough to survive in the world full of insecurities. We don’t know the pain that a smile is carrying behind and maybe your story can heal someone from within. What better way there is to live a life than become an inspiration for someone to get through the hard times? You don’t have to be someone influential to change lives. A helping hand is enough to make a person cross the sea if reached on time. Someone out there may be waiting for those kind words that may come from you and help them reach to the shore, saving them from drowning.

Don’t hold yourself back and free your mind from the negative thoughts. Life is how we make it and now is the time to come out of the comfort zone and try out the unusual. Veterans, we call you to come forward and give way to new friendships. Share your stories with us, we are all ears for you!