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How To Say That First Hello?

Starting a conversation is never easy and it is that first step where a person will either stay to talk more or make an excuse...
7 months ago

Hearty Suggestions on How to Date a Man in the Uniform

Men in the uniform are like no other! That charisma, that poise, and that heartwarming looks that makes them overly attractive, doesn’t it? But, dating...
7 months ago

A Call For Veterans! Are You Shy To Get Online?

Online can be a scary place to make friends and start talking. For veterans, who first learn to doubt and then trust, stepping online can...
7 months ago

Nervous to Date Online? Skepticism Can Ruin Your Chance of Finding Love

Online dating is a little intimidating, isn’t it? Safe or not, fear of getting stalked, meeting a pervert online, is it really a place to...
7 months ago